Walking your dog at night.

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Night time safety.

As Winter approaches the nights are getting longer and you find that it is dark before you even get home from work. However your dog is still expecting a walk, how can you make your night walk safe and enjoyable.

Improve your visibility to cars, cyclists, pedestrians and joggers. There are lots of products out there that can help you do this.


  • Reflective vests, collars and leads will help when walking close to roads as they reflect headlights.
  • Collars and tags that light up will make your more visible to yourself and other people in areas that are less well lit.
  • Torches are a must so you can see where you are walking (beware of glass and other paw dangers). Also good for poop scooping in the dark.
  • You can also purchase glow in the dark and lit dog toys so you and your dog can still play on your night walks.
  • It's a good idea to take your mobile with you, just in case, but consider keeping in an internal pocket if your jacket has one.

Remember not only are you improving your own visibility and safety but you might be providing a comfort to other dog walkers being able to see you and your dog.



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