The Good Noms, the Bad Noms and Definitely Not Noms.

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Do you now what is safe to and not safe to feed your dog? What common human foods are poisonous to dogs ? Find information below on what is safe to feed your dog and common household chemicals that can be fatal to your dog.

The Good

Carob is also known as dog chocolate, but can also be eaten by people. It is made from the roasted and ground pods of the evergreen Carob tree, which grows in mediterranean and middle eastern areas.It doesn't contain theobromine, the chemical in chocolate that is dangerous for dogs, caffeine or other stimulants and has half the fat of cocoa, however it still contains a lot of sugar.

Carrots are great natural, raw chew for your dog, they also contain vitamins B, C, D, E, and K.

Sweet potatoes are a good, low calorie, addition to your dog's diet. However they should be fed in moderation as they contain a lot of starch which could make your dog gain weight. Sweet potatoes can also be sliced and dried to make a veggie alternative to rawhide.

Some dogs love the taste of peanut butter, it can be used in your home dog treat recipes and smeared on chew toys. Always use in moderation and make sure your dog does not have a nut allergy.

The Bad

Theobromine is the chemical in chocolate that can cause fatalities in dogs. Dark chocolate and cocoa contain higher quantities than milk or white chocolate. Carob is an alternative that tastes similar but does not contain theobromine.

Some dogs can have a reaction after eating raisins or grapes. It is not understood what causes the reaction, but as little as 4 grapes can have an effect.

Both onions and garlic can cause problems in dogs either when ingested in small amounts on a regular basis or in single large doses. (However some people do use garlic in small doses as a naratural worm and flea repellant, consult your vet.)

Like in humans some varieties of mushrooms can be problematic if your dog is allowed to eat them.

Unbaked yeast bread dough can swell inside a dogs stomach as it becomes warm so keep it out of your dogs reach while proving.

Xylitol is a common sweetner found in chewing gum, toothpaste and some sweets which can cause an insulin rise in dogs when ingested.

Definitely Not Noms

Unfortunately anti-freeze is very sweet tasting and dogs seem to particularly like the taste. Ethylene Glycol is the chemical that is toxic to dogs so anti freeze should be kept where your dogs can't get access.

Slug pellets often contain a substance called metaldehyde, even in small amounts it can cause seizures in dogs. If you must use slug pellets find pet safe varieties and make sure your dog can't get to them.

Medicines that are designed for human consumption can be very dangerous for dogs. Ibuprofen is unsuitable for use in dogs as it reacts differently than it does in humans.

Always be careful when introducing a new ingredient to your dogs diet as some dogs can be intolerant to certain food stuffs. If unsure consult your vet first.

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