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Alfie's Law is a campaign started by the mum of a bearded collie called Alfie. The campaign has been set
up to help raise awareness in the UK about the way people who abuse animals are dealt with according to
current legislation.

Currently under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 the maximum penalties for committing acts of animal cruelty
are 6 months imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of £20,000. It is very rare for these maximums to be
given out in the UK and the fines are usually in the hundreds with the prison sentence being half of the

In 2011 there were 1,341 people convicted for animal cruelty and neglect and a further 2,105 convictions
relating to cruelty to dogs, yet only 74 prison sentences.*

Is a £200 fine and 18 weeks in prison really enough for breaking a puppy's back and stabbing them
several times? (puppy survived and has been rehomed.)

Is 20 weeks enough for starving cats and rats to death and leaving a dog on the brink of survival?

All Alfie's Law is asking is for zero tolerance of those who commit animal abuse, that the maximum
sentence be increased to 2 years and and a lifetime ban on keeping animals for the most serious offenders.
They would also like to see animal protection agencies to be incorporated into the criminal justice system so they would no longer have to pay for prosecution costs and the money could go back into training andre-homing centres. It's not a lot to ask.

Alfie's Law doesn't need a single penny from you all they need is a signature.

To sign the e-petition click here or visit you'll need to confirm your name and address this is only to confirm you live in the UK and you will receive an email you must verify this email or you will signature will not count.

To visit Alfie's website click here or visit

Alfie is also on twitter @alfiebeardie

For the petition to be even considered it needs 100,000 signatures by 31st May 2013. Currently 24,487
people have signed all Alfie wants for Christmas is 25,000 signatures.

I've signed, have you?

*statistics from the RSPCA website

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  1. Jim

    Hi, just read about the Alfies Law petition in Pets at Home, Newcastle-under-Lyme . I went to sign it but it seems to have expired ? Is there another petition ? Waggy Campers reply: Unfortunately the petition failed to reach enough signatures in 2013 as well as in 2014. There maybe similar petitions on the petition website.

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