Record Breaking Dogs (and a Biscuit)

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Did you know that there is a variety of dogs out there breaking records all over the world? Tallest, smallest
and the dog that can fit the most tennis balls in their mouth are just a few of these canine wonders.

Anastasia, a Jack Russell Terrier from the USA, holds the record for popping 100 balloons in the
fastest time. She took just 44.49 seconds.

Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Collie cross also from the USA, walked a 100m in 2 min 55 seconds
while balancing a can on her head.

Tillman, a Bulldog, covered 100m in 19.67 seconds riding a skateboard.

The tallest living dog is a Great Dane who goes by the name 'Giant George'. He measures 1.092m
and also holds the record for the tallest dog ever. Boo Boo, the chihuahua, by comparison is the smallest
living dog at just 10.16cm.

Angie, Golden Retriever, currently has the record for holding the most regulation sized tennis balls
in her mouth at one time, that number being 5.

Ben, a Shih Tsu/Japanese Chin cross, undid 14 knots of rope in just three minutes.

While Bentley, the Great Dane, has the longest tail at 66.04cm and Daz, the white German
Shepherd, from the UK has the loudest bark at 108dB. 

A USA pet company also broke a record by producing the largest dog biscuit. Hampshire Pet Products
produced a biscuit that weighed 279.87 kg, was 1.16m wide, 5.79m long and 0.04m deep. The biscuit
was broken up and distributed to the dogs of The Humane Society in Joplin, MO.

Can your dog do any better?

There are many more dogs breaking records just check the Guinness World Record website.

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