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You may remember a while ago I blogged about a special bearded collie named Alfie and his mum. They had set up an e-petition to increase the punishments for animal abusers. Currently the petition stands at 38,385 signatures while this is a brilliant number unfortunately it is not the 100,000 needed. When the current petition ends on 31st May Alfie and his mum will be starting a new petition, you can check the new website for details of when this will be happening . However you can still sign the current petition here or go to Tell all your family, friends, co-workers, twitter followers about it.

Even better Alfie's Law Foundation is a new charity in the making, hoping to help raise awareness of animal abuse and support animals in need. The foundation will be raising funds to help charities and individuals whose aims are animal welfare related.

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  • supporting local shelters with necessary equipment
  • transport of animals to safe locations
  • rescue or rehabilitation of animals
  • assist in finding lost or stolen pets
  • help with the veterinary costs not covered by other charities or insurance.

Over the coming months people will be able to apply for assistance from and donate to Alfie's Law Foundation. You can also see information on the advisors of the charity as well as pages of animal supporters and the pet remembrance page which gives the names of too many pets taken through human cruelty.

You can help spread the word on twitter by following @alfiebeardie and visit the facebook page.

Waggy Campers will be supporting the foundation by producing handmade dog bandanas with a special Alfie's Law Foundation patch. The bandanas are still in development but hopefully you'll be able to get your paws on one soon.

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