Dog Bandana Size Guide

This is a guide only all dogs are individuals and may not conform to their breed standard. The best way to choose a size is to measure your dogs neck. Using a soft measuring tape measure around your dogs neck where the collar usually sits adding enough for you to comfortably be able to fit two fingers between the tape and your dogs neck. Alternatively measure your dogs collar against a ruler or hard tape measure. When ordering an over collar bandana please note that they are made to only cover approx. half of the full neck size. If you need a a custom size please contact us.

Tie bandana sizes please scroll down for over collar sizes

Small Size

Up to 12 inches/30 cms

Chinese Crested
Yorkshire Terrier

Medium Size

Up to 16 inches/41 cms

Jack Russell

Large Size

Up to 23 inches/58 cms


Extra Large

Up to 30 inches/76 cms

Great Dane
Great Pyrenees

Over collar bandanas have a channel sewn into them so you can slide them over your dogs collar. They are not suitable for collars that don't have a buckle, e.g. martingale collars. The small bandana has a gap for smaller collars approx. 1/2 inch wide. The medium has a gap of approx. 1 inch. The large and extra large have a gap of approx. 2 inches. If your dog has a wider collar please contact us when making your order.